Apartment 1303 3-D

November 2012 saw iqoption csgo the completion and release to international distributors of Apartment 1303-3D. Seasoned writer and director Michael Taverna (Resilient, Managua) drew from a novel by Kei Oishi and its succeeding J-Horror film Apartment 1303 by Ataru Oikawa to create this gripping psychological thriller starring Mischa Barton, Rebecca De Mornay, Julianne Michelle, Corey Sevier and John Diehl.

Michael and producer Cindy Nelson Mullen brought together an international A-list crew including executive producer iq option csgo Scott Rosenfelt (Home Alone, Mystic Pizza), cinematographer Paul M. Sommers (The Vampire Diaries , Harvest Moon), editors Roberto Silvi (Three Burials, Never Talk to Strangers, Tombstone) and Edo Brizio (The Butterfly Effect 2, Giallo), and composers Davy and Yoann Bernagoult (Priest, Focus Forward / Solar Roadways).

Apartment 1303-3D is a MonteCristo Pictures Production in association with Imageworks Entertainment International. The Film will be released world-wide.