John Diehl


John Diehl
Singularity Principle David Robert Deranian 2012
Gabe the Cupid Dog Michael Feifer 2012
Apartment 1303 3-D Michael Taverna 2012
The Obama Effect Charles S. Dutton 2012
Swerve Zach Horton 2012
Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe Jeffrey Donovan 2011
Natural Selection Robert Pickering 2011
Road to Nowhere Monte Hellman 2010
Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas Michael Feifer 2009

JOHN DIEHL (Detective) is a talented and dependable performer whose career has spanned over 30 years. Particularly called upon to play various delinquents, wackos and psychos in his earlier years, he has matured into a fine screen character actor. His career began in the early 80’s with a number of bit parts in movies such as Escape from New York (1981) with Kurt Russell and Stripes (1981) with Bill Murray amongst others before landing a co-starring role in the pilot for Miami Vice (1984) playing Hawaiian shirt clad Detective Larry Zito. He continued his role in Miami Vice (1984) for three series before leaving to pursue other roles. He continued his film career and has since appeared in over 80 movies and has made over 40 guest appearances on TV. Notable film credits include The Client (1994), A Time to Kill (1996), Stargate (1994), Nixon (1995) and more recently Pearl Harbor (2001) and a small role as dinosaur chow in Jurassic Park III (2001). John resides in Ojai, California with his wife, singer Julie Christensen and son Jackson.