Mischa Barton


Mischa Barton
I Will Follow You Into the Dark Mark Edwin Robinson 2012
The Sibling Matt Orlando 2012
Apartment 1303 3-D Michael Taverna 2012
The Misadventures of Ben Banks Bryce Clark 2012
Cyberstalker Curtis Crawford 2012
Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain Ravi Jumar 2012
You and I Roland Joffe 2011
Don't Fade Away Luke Kasden 2011
Homecoming Morgan J. Freeman 2009

MISCHA BARTON (Lara) has come of age in the entertainment industry with an extensive body of work. Finding her roots in the New York theatre as a young girl, Mischa achieved early success working alongside numerous artists including Tony Kushner, Julia Roberts and Sam Rockwell. In 1999 Mischa appeared in the Blockbusters Notting Hill (1999) and The 6th Sense (1999), however it was in 2003 that she found her “breakthrough” role as Marisa in the popular Fox Television show, The O.C. With the shows’ success Barton won several American Teen Choice Awards, was named “It Girl” in 2003 by Entertainment Weekly, “Breakthrough Actress of the Year” by Hollywood Life, and “Woman of the Year” by Glamour Magazine. Following The O.C, Barton has appeared in many films including playing opposite Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer in Sir Richard Attenborough's Closing the Ring (2007), alongside Hayden Christensen in the Dino De Laurentis film Virgin Territory (2007), and starring opposite Bruce Willis in Assassination of a High School President (2008) for the Yari Production Company. In the same year Mischa also filmed Walled In (2009) for the French production company Canal Plus, and starred in and produced the film Homecoming (2009). In addition to her work on Apartment 1303 3-D, this year Mischa can also be seen in numerous films including I Will Follow you Into the Dark (2012), The Misadventures of Ben Banks (2012) and The Sibling (2012), to name just a few.